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Surface treatment facility


Our 1,600 m2 surface treatment facility consists of a painting hall and a sandblasting hall.

Both halls are completely covered with cranes. 2 x 12½ tonnes transverse crane in the painting hall and a 1 x 12½ transverse crane in the sandblasting hall. All the cranes can handle workpieces up to 7 m x 7 m X 35 m (WxHxL)

Door sizes: 7.5 m x 6 m (WxH).

We offer:

  • Steel blasting
  • Metal coating
  • Wet painting

Steel blasting
Carried out in a 365 m2 closed hall. We primarily use steel grits.

Metal coating
Carried out in a 365 m2 closed hall. Metal coating can be used as a pre-treatment method but can also replace painting and still give an excellent result.

Painting hall
In our 550 m2 painting hall, we paint in the corrections classes required by the customer. From correction class C1-C5 – high Painting is carried out using wet paint

Our strong point is that we are able to switch production overnight.

Certified according to ISO 9001
We are certified according to ISO 9001 which is your guarantee for a high quality level at all times; this is ensured through continuous quality control throughout the surface treatment process.

Employees and environment
The qualifications of our employees are updated continually through relevant courses, and they have all passed statutory courses related to work with hazardous substances.

We strive at all times to improve the technical aids and employees' qualifications as well as the awareness of both the internal and external environmental impact – through, among other things, an active effort in connection with the statutory Workplace Assessment (APV).