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About us

Large production hall
We have three cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes in our 6,500 m2 production hall. The free height below the cranes is 18 m.

This enables us to produce huge structures. The largest steel structure which we have produced in our production hall so far is a passenger tower for Rødby Ferry Port.

The passenger tower is 18 m high and 10 m wide and it weighs 60 tonnes.

Separate workshop
We have a separate workshop for the production of stainless products.

DS/ISO 12944

We have our own paint shop where we can meet the stringent surface treatment requirements prescribed e.g. for the offshore industry. The work is carried out in accordance with our DS/ISO 12944 certification.


  • Max. units under roof: 60 x 20 x 18 m
  • Production area: 6,500 m2
  • Lifting capacity: 40 tonnes

The Port of Grenaa is only 800 m away from our production halls. Our customers say that it is an advantage that our workshop is able to produce large parts of the structures as this saves time on the construction site. It also improves the quality as we work under proper conditions.