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About us

Suppliers of complex steel and technical piping systems

Our large 18 m tall production hall enable us to assemble even very large structures internally. Our good strategic location near the harbour means that part of the logistics task can be solved using ships. This way, we shorten and make our work more productive on the site.


Made to order
Most of the orders we produce are special orders involving individual dimensions and materials, however, we also produce series of products.




Safe control throughout all project phases
Our expertise and many years' experience mean that we are a serious and responsible partner. We strive to come up with the most functional solution, focusing on quality, economy, time and innovation. Choosing a reliable partner who offer turnkey solutions based on safe control throughout all phases of a project is an economically sound strategy.


It is our objective to meet our customers' requirements and expectations. All services must meet prescribed standards, norms and specifications. Our services must be delivered in accordance with specifications, price, time and agreed terms and conditions.